Im a Real Chef-Banana Split


This activity was for a summer camp, we planned a chef day and the voted to make a banana split. so the next day I give them all the informó¡gradientes and the first step was wrote on a card the steps to make the banana, then the teachers put all the ingredients on the table and one by one made the banana with chocolate and colorful chips or almonds wherever they wanted.

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Three Little Pigs Paper Puppets

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These paper storytelling puppets are meant to be used to tell the tale of the three little pigs! It is the famous story where the three pigs all built different houses and a big wolf came along and blew the house of hay down, and the house of wood down. The wolf was not able to blow down the carefully built brick house, however! It is a story that shows the importance of hard work and you tell it with these puppets.

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Ocean Color Bingo

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This version of Bingo uses ocean creatures of different colors instead of letters and numbers. It is a great way to play Bingo with children who maybe do not yet know how to count or spell very well.

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