Turkey Food Drive Box

Look at how cute this Turkey is! At Belltown Discovery Center in East Hampton, Connecticut, each classroom took part in creating him. He will be in the school’s lobby for the month of November where he’ll collect non-perishable foods to be given to the East Hampton Food Bank.

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Free Printable and Interactive Preschool Calendar

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This interactive calendar that you can print for free is great to use with your preschool students! By utilizing it you can discuss the four seasons (Winter, Spring, Summer, Autumn) and which of the 12 months it is–along with what day of the month. Also, there is part of the calendar for identifying the day of the week (Sunday-Saturday), so that everything is covered!

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Celebration of Fall

We have been loving our celebration of this autumn season. Leaves galore. I have been slowly adding loose parts into our work time. My classroom is a mix of many philosophies. Also, I enjoy offering the children many different ways to build a child’s skills.  For some children, I am introducing new skills, such as cutting with a scissors, for the first time. When one of our little guys learned to cut, he giggled every time he cut his leaf. Pure joy and a great feeling for a teacher.

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