"Assemble the Witch," Halloween Game

"Assemble the Witch," Halloween Game

"Assemble the Witch," Halloween Game

At Little Angels Children Development Center they celebrated the recent Halloween holiday with a fun game that offered a unique twist on that classic, "Pin the tail on the donkey." Instead, the kids assembled a witch in a similar manner, trying to, "Pin," her eyes, nose, and mouth onto a picture with her head and hat--except the kids could not see anything!

Witchy Halloween fun!

Relying on guesswork and their own sense of space and distance, the kids carefully put the various parts of the witch's face on a piece of cardboard where her head nad hat had been drawn. The pieces of her face had sticky tape on one end so the kids could carefully put them where they thought they belonged to assemble the witch and her face.

Guessing and having fun

Some kids were very accurate and other children were a bit off, but it was okay as it was simply a fun game that allowed everyone to have some fun and try and guess where the right parts went!

Source for photos:

Little Angels Children Development Center

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"Assemble the Witch," Halloween Game
November 3, 2020
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