Halloween Mistery party

Tatiana Klopotovska
Halloween Mistery party

Halloween is really misterious holiday. Kids always look forward for this event. Here in London language centre we had a nice and joyful holiday "Halloween Mistery party". Before the party children created funny and spooky costumes, learn some rhymes, helped to decorate classrooms and hall. It was amazing time with playing different games, singing songs and learning some spooky, creapy words. While playing some games, like "Mistery box", I try to develop their sensory skills.

Halloween Mistery party

Autumn is a wonderful season, when the weather is warm and sunny, when the trees change their green dresses into bright and colorful ones. That's a great time for learning colours. Imitating real natural life helps to do this. My kids are really enjoy doing some arts and crafts. That's why by the end of learning this topic we decided to make a project "Apple tree".

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Halloween Mistery party
October 29, 2020
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