"Shadow People," Chalk Activity

"Shadow People," Chalk Activity

"Shadow People," Chalk Activity

At Vassaio Atelier, the discussed how we cast shadows in the sunlight. In honor of this, the kids made their own, "Shadow people," out of chalk.

How, "Shadow people," were made

The kiddos laid on the ground and then a classmate used chalk to trace their outline. Once the outline was traced the students added details to their shadow people in the form of twigs and sticks as hair, rocks as mouths or ears, and other items to create a, "Shadow," that looked just like the students themselves! The class loved going outside and creating their own shadow people. They made up stories about what kind of lives their shadow versions had compared to their real lives. It was a fantastic way to foster creativity and develop art skills!

Source for photos: Vassaio Atelier

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"Shadow People," Chalk Activity
November 19, 2021
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