"Watch Designer," Craft for Kids

"Watch Designer," Craft for Kids

"Watch Designer," Craft for Kids

At Creative Kids Academy Maple Grove, they were watch designers for one fun craft they did! The kids all had a print-out of a watch that they got to design and color however they wanted. Some drew numbers, some did roman numerals. Some kids added pretend diamonds and gems, others made their watches simple. Some kids used crayons other used markers. The creativity on display was so impressive!

Making the watches

As the pictures below illustrate, all the children had their own ideas of how to make neat watches. You can easily do an activity like this too by drawing an outline of a watch and then making copies for all the students, or simply finding an outline design online you can print-out. Check out these cool watches:

The kids made some incredible designs!

Source for photos: Creative Kids Academy Maple Grove

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"Watch Designer," Craft for Kids
February 5, 2021
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