Playing 20 Questions and Charades over FaceTime and/or Zoom!

Kids lately have wanted to have playdates, but that’s tricky when you can’t actually get close enough to, “Play!” To help fill in this big socialization gap a number of families have turned to using FaceTime and Zoom in order to stay in touch with one another.

Virtual playdates, of course, need a bit more parental supervision but are still a fun way to see friends and family. Some of the fun activities you can do over FaceTime and Zoom include 20 questions and charades.

20 Questions and Charades Games

The best thing about these kinds of games is that they do not require any equipment or tools–that makes them accessible for almost anybody younger or older. When playing with younger children it can be smart to use a smaller number of categories for games, such as only focusing upon animals, superheroes, or musical instruments.

For example, “What animal am I pretending to be?” Is perfect for playing charades over FaceTime and Zoom. You can just put an assortment of options in a hat and draw from them.

This also applies to a game such as, “20 Questions,” where you can limit the subjects to something such as television shows kids watch or, again, animals. It is a great way to practice using questions to narrow things in on an answer. You can have your child go first so they understand how the game works and then have whomever they are playing with over FaceTime or Zoom take a turn! These are fantastic fun for sure!

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