2D Shape Sorting Mats and Worksheets

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Shapes Worksheets 2d Shape Sorting Mat

These free printables are great for helping younger students with recognizing certain two-dimensional (2D) shapes.

There are four sorting mats–a circle, triangle, rectangle, and square. On these mats there are blank spaces. These blank spots are filled-in with the images of various objects that match with the main shapes on the sorting maps.

For example, a cartoon image of a cookie would go on the circle mat, and a slice of pizza aligns with the triangle mat.

You can print the mats out and laminate them and also print-out the object images, cut them into individual pieces, and laminate them as well so that you can do the activity multiple times with assorted groups of students!

By doing this activity students will see how everyday objects are often just like well-known shapes!

Shapes Mats

Below are the mats of the shapes to use.

Object Worksheets

Below are objects to use on the mats.

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