3D Shape Worksheets for Use in Preschool

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3D Shape Worksheets for Use in Preschool

These worksheets are all focused on learning about 3D shapes. They are meant to be used with preschool students who are beginning to understand how three-dimensional shapes function.

By doing these worksheets the students will become skilled at understanding three-dimensional shapes!

Shapes Worksheet

For this worksheet, there is an assortment of shapes that have a guide at the bottom indicating what color to fill them in with to have a proper match.

Shapes Worksheet


This worksheet has students cut and paste the matching 3D shape where it belongs with the patterns shown in various sections.



The 2D shapes on this worksheet need help, “Turning,” into 3D shapes! When students fill in the dotted area as indicated their shapes will become three-dimensional.

Color shapes worksheet

On this worksheet, there are 3D and 2D versions of shapes. Students need to color similar shapes matching colors.

Connect 3D Shapes Worksheet

There is an assortment of objects on this worksheet which are images of real-life objects that look just like well-known 3D shapes. To accomplish this worksheet students need to draw a line connecting the object to its matching 3D shape.

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