4 Seasons play at home

Today, with my 2-and-a-half-year-old son, I learned the four seasons. First I read about them in the book “Seasons ” from Usborne publishing house, then I listed the image of the 4 seasons along with the related images, which I laminated then cut.

Here he had to attach images/activities that were found for each season. Together we discovered the joy of each season and we determined that later when we go outside to walk the puppy, we will study more thoroughly in the spring (because we have to enjoy this wonderful landscape that nature offers us, even in the time of pandemic). After that I prepared 4 trees that I painted first with brushes and then with ear sticks + watercolors – one for each season. He wanted to add black on every season because it’s his favorite color. It was so fun! 😀 
ps. find love in all seasons!


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Author: CristinaR.

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