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4th Grade Special Classroom

Joanita Mailani
4th Grade Special Classroom

I teach grade 4 at some special school in Jakarta, Indonesia. My class consists of 5 students with different characters and needs and they love to learn, especially learning that is fun and makes them directly involved. they need real media and varied worksheets just like any other child and they need stimulation to develop to their potential. To join this website, as a teacher it helps a for me provide rich stimulus and activities in my classroom so that my students can have a rich and deep understanding about a specific subject. Students can have a full experience of learning andI have a lot of options to choose about what are my students will do. My student level of understanding are in the same level as a kindergartener even though they in 4th grade, but they always happy to learn something new.

4th Grade Special Classroom
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4th Grade Special Classroom
October 16, 2022
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