A Beautiful Autumn Pumpkin Seed Fall Tree Project

Looking for a fun art project for the fall? This Autumn Tree craft is a perfect activity for kindergarten and preschool students. With just some basic supplies, they can bring a colorful, 3-D tree to life.

What You Need:

– White Cardboard
– Black Paper
– Pumpkin Seeds
– Gouache Paint
– Paint Brush
– Glue Brush
– Scissors
– Pencil
– Tree Stencil


How to make Pumpkin Seed Fall Tree

1. Take the pumpkin seeds and paint them with gouache paint. Fall colors like orange, yellow, red and brown are popular options.

2. Use the tree stencil on the black paper, tracing around the edges before cutting it out. Place the sheet on the white cardboard.

3. Once the seeds are completely dry, glue them on the tree branches, as well as scattered near the ground. Any remaining seeds should be glued mid-air, to give the illusion of leaves swirling and falling from the tree.

4. This whole project is very simple to put together, and it’s a great display piece once finished. Good luck with your kids and/or students!

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