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A is for Alligator

Nikki C
A is for Alligator

It's been fun learning phonics with my learners with special needs. Most especially, that we integrate not just sounds but the visual way of learning through pictures, cutting concrete examples like this alligator in the picture to represent letter A and its sound and eventually develop their fine motor skills. Further, its been a whole lot of fun that there is also the integration of colors and music- children are indeed fond doing the activity. One discovery that I have with these kids is that learning should always be in various approaches. That way their individual needs will be definitely addressed.

Conclusively, kids will further learn best through innovative materials and activities most especially if we can have your quality worksheets to support our our everyday teaching and learning process here in the Philippines. Thank you so much.

A is for Alligator
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A is for Alligator
October 2, 2022
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