A new teacher in the kindergarten

Yao Yadan
A new teacher in the kindergarten

Morning: I will start the day early by preparing the days lesson and getting the classroom ready for students. She may greet students and parents when they get dropped off and instruct students to put their things away upon entering the classroom. Some schools will offer students breakfast or a snack in the morning and the teacher will be responsible for distributing that.

Mid-Morning: By mid-morning, i may have students learning while sitting on a rug, or she might take a more hands-on approach to some lessons and have them work in groups at tables.

Lunch: I assistant might take the children out for lunch and recess. This gives the teacher time to look at homework, clean the classroom, and prepare for the afternoon lessons.

Afternoon: I may have additional time to plan lessons while the students take a nap after recess. After nap time, instruction resumes. The teacher may have the option to put the teacher assistant in charge of part of the class so that students can work in small groups or individually and still get the attention they need.

After Work: I

A new teacher in the kindergarten

will likely have work to do after the students leave. This can include planning lessons, calling parents, meeting with school administrators, or checking homework.

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A new teacher in the kindergarten
November 10, 2020
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