“ABC Bootcamp” Letter Fashion Show for Kindergarten Students

“ABC Bootcamp,” is known for being a research-based and classroom-proven methodology which provides a 26 day introduction to all of the letters of the alphabet and their sounds.

At St. Anastasia Catholic School they celebrated the completion of their learning and reviewing each letter of the alphabet by having a fashion show celebrating all the letters of the alphabet!

How to Have Your Own Fashion Show

Having your own alphabet fashion show is easy! Help students make a piece of, “Clothing,” out of paper upon which they can glue pictures of things that start with the associated letter (a student modeling the letter C could have a picture of a car, cat, and more! They can make their own funny hat featuring images that start with their assigned letter as well!

Once everyone has their outfits complete play fun music and let each student take turns walking down the, “Catwalk,” and modeling their awesome outfit with the letter they were assigned! For small classes you can students who want to model multiple letters do so in order to show-off all 26!

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