Activities from our school

Triana Siregar
Activities from our school

Activities from our school

This time we learned together about phonics. We have learned using phonemic awareness so we can read any text from any books. We try to write the initial letters than read it loud the blends. We learned the phonemic awareness through worksheets, flashcards and games. When we using worksheets we will write the correct letters according to the pictures. Flashcards usually we will matched or read or tell the letters according to the picture. Sometimes we play with others by guessing the picture of things or by letters. We enjoyed our learning time with phonics. Sometimes learning through games are really helping us to understand easier to blend. We like to learn to read because read will help us to understand and open many doors to the world.

Then we presented ourselves in front of our parents. This a singing contest from our school. Two of our students joined the singing contest for preschool and kindergarten. We have practice with our music teachers every weeks and learn to keep on singing in front of students in our school. They sang really nice and able to sing properly. Some of the contestant showed their ability to sing very well. Teachers and parents are really amazed and proud to see all the kids on stage. They sang confidently and able to present themselves very well. That is a magic moment to see whole kids, young but confident enough to sing and present themselves.

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Activities from our school
July 11, 2021
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