Activities to Celebrate and Learn About Baseball

Activities to Celebrate and Learn About Baseball

Activities to Celebrate and Learn About Baseball

At Lakeview Preschool, they celebrated the recent start of baseball season by learning all about the sport, doing fun crafts themed for baseball, and otherwise celebrating the beloved American pastime!

Baseball books

The kiddos read a bunch of books about baseball. It helped them understand how the game is played and see fun tales relating to the sport.

Baseball Mitt Painting

Everyone painted their own baseball mitt with a baseball in it. The children had a great time painting a mitt that matched if they were left or right-handed.

Baseball watercolors

The kids used watercolor paints to illustrate various fun scenes of baseball.

Baseball paper craft

The students used construction paper to create baseball mitts and balls. It was great doing all these baseball activities!

Source for photos: Lakeview Preschool

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Activities to Celebrate and Learn About Baseball
April 23, 2021
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