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Activities with plants and flowers

Sandra Vagale
Activities with plants and flowers

Spring is not far away and we are already starting to plan spring activities for a walk.

A lot of time for children and various activities for children on a walk takes care of and working with plants and flowers.

Activities with plants and flowers

When the first snowdrops appear, we plant flowerbeds and grow them indoors on windowsills. Its growth is observed daily, watered. In connection with this topic, children are introduced to what is necessary for a plant to grow well.

We are conducting an experiment: 1 plant without light, 1 plant without water, 1 plant in the cold, but one plant gets everything it needs.

In May, we have spring flower week where every child and parent plants flowers. Shared picnic and hard cleaning of the square together.

After that, the plants are observed, photographed, watered and their names memorized by organizing various activities.

Children like it the most when we tell them to collect herbarium, lavender, chamomile and mint.

We organize thematic afternoons, children drink teas of these plants. Get to know what is made from these plants. Learning to recognize the scents of essential oils. Prepare a lavender bag, tie tea for the winter.

Just last week we enjoyed chamomile tea and smelled like summer. We are already saying to wait for spring and we are going to spend the winter with a small concert! May spring wake up in your hearts already!

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Activities with plants and flowers
February 4, 2023
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