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Activities with ribbons and laces

Sandra Vagale
Activities with ribbons and laces

Activities with ribbons and laces

It is very important to improve the 2-finger grip at an early age. Ribbons are a wonderful way to organize these types of lessons.

Ribbons can be pulled, twisted, tied and wrapped, and not only that, there are many other activities - in mathematics, language, for improving movements.

Using ribbons and laces in the lessons, most of them can be made with your own hands and it is not difficult.

Ribbon classes can be used by a wide range of ages, you just need to think about what kind of activities are age-appropriate.

In mathematics, ribbons are used to reinforce concepts - long, short, wide, narrow, fat, thin. In speech, they learn words that describe what it is like - soft, hard, sharp, smooth, fluffy. As well as actions that can be done with it - roll, wrap, tie, braid, etc.

Stretching or squatting up to the ribbons is used to improve the movement. Jump over at different heights and distances. Used as a skipping rope. Movement game "Catch the tail!"

Many more different ideas and possibilities arise in the process. I hope these ideas and inspiration for interesting activities with children are also useful for you! Good luck! Sandra

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Activities with ribbons and laces
January 15, 2023
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