African Animals Coloring Pages for Preschool and PreK

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These coloring pages are themed for African Animals and make great printables for preschool and PreK youth.

These coloring sheets work great for a unit discussing going on safari in Africa or exploring the African Savannah.

African Animals Printables

There are three sheets that feature six animals total as two animal pictures are on each sheet. The animals featured upon these printables are hippos, crocodiles, lions, camels, giraffes, and zebras. These sheets are all in color and can serve as a good example of how to do the coloring sheets which are further below!

African Animals Coloring Pages

How to Download These Files

The file package with these printables can be downloaded for free! It is just one of the gifts you will be sent after sharing a post here at with us!  Just click here to learn more.

You also can purchase these sheets at this website!


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