Africa-Themed Safari and Jungle Crafts

Rainforest Vines

Our African Open House was a HUGE SUCCESS!

At Christian Cooperative Preschool in Appleton, Wisconsin, they had a big open-house where they were able to show off their safari and jungle crafts to friends and family. Here are some examples of what they did that you could do in your class as well!

Rainforest Vines

This jungle craft is a great way to add some atmosphere to your classroom’s roof and walls. Simply taking green construction paper, taping it into a circle, and linking multiple circles together that are then hung-up creates really neat rainforest-style vines!

Egg Crate Alligators

Egg Crate Alligators

By taking empty egg crates, turning them upside down, and painting them green, you have already done most of the steps to making egg crate alligators! All you need to do is use some green construction paper to make a head, tail, and legs then put some white and black paper on as eyes and you’ve got some egg-citing alligators as a safari craft.


Animal Drawings

Encourage students to draw animals that people would see in the rainforest or on a safari. Whether these are lions, elephants, zebras, hippos, rhinos, crocodiles, giraffes, monkeys, parrots, or anything else, a variety of these creature will make for quite the exciting tour of your classroom/jungle!


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