Alien Spaceships and Stomp Rocket

Over at Here Wee Grow Childcare & Preschool in Menifee, California the class had a lot of fun creating alien spaceships and playing with stomp rockets! Stomp rockets are a fun toy that launches a rocket into the air and the alien spaceship craft was a big hit as well.

Alien Spaceships

The students started making their spaceships by taking two disposable plates and gluing them together. Then, they painted them gray to look just like it was thought an alien spaceship might look. They took a little toy alien they put in the middle of a ship and a clear plastic cup over it to really complete the, “Flying saucer,” look too!

Then the kids added additional fun decorations of astronauts, aliens, and other things relating to outer space! It was entertaining watching the assorted craft supplies turn into impressive spaceships and the children were excited to take them home!

The stomp rocket was a hit too, resulting in a stellar space-themed day!

Here Wee Grow Childcare & Preschool
Menifee, CA, United States

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Author: /Madison Wilson

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