All About Me Collage!

All About Me Collage!

All About Me Collage!

Today in our classroom we were doing the session about all about me the children are learning about their bodies about the color of their hair about the arms and their legs and how it works we let them paint their own bodies and then they were able up color whatever they wanted on them as close we allow them to cut and pace each piece of their body that they took off from the paper and put it together the magnifying glass we allow them to finger print themselves and put up finger prints on the magnifying glass It was fun to see how unique every child drew themselves we also allow them to see themselves in a mirror to see what color here they had or what color clothes they were wearing we tried different colors and sizes their fine motor skills worked on some of the children but some of them to would not able to cut and pace

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All About Me Collage!
September 21, 2020
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