Cactus Collage for Preschoolers

.Mia Brown
Cactus Collage for Preschoolers

At Elite Education in Gallatin, Tennesse the students in Mrs. Kaitlyn's class had fun learning all about the desert!

First, the children read the book, "Why Oh Why Are Deserts Dy?" before they proceeded to make a wonderful collage of a cactus with a desert sunset. The class worked really hard to be sure they followed directions and worked independently to make their impressive collages!

Creating the Cactus Collage

To make their collages the students first took a piece of paper where they traced-out and colored-in a cactus with a black-ish color, much how it might appear against a desert sunset. After they had their cactus colored-in they cut it out of the sheet of paper and put it aside. Then, the kids next took construction paper of various colors and cut it into various-length strips. They glued these strips to a separate white sheet of paper, creating the appearance of a colorful desert sunset. Lastly, they took their cactus from earlier glued it onto the sunset. The final result was gorgeous!

Elite Education
Gallatin, TN, United States

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Cactus Collage for Preschoolers
February 4, 2020
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