Alphabet and Number Sensory Play With Water Tables

Alphabet and Number Sensory Play With Water Tables

Alphabet and Number Sensory Play With Water Tables

At Carrie's Creative Learning of Plainfield, they had a lot of fun doing a water table. For extra sensory fun, the teachers added balls with letters of the alphabet and numbers. It allowed the children to have a great time playing in the water while working on their alphabet knowledge and counting skills.

Fun in the water

The kiddos had a fantastic time playing in the water! They discussed how there are 26 letters in the alphabet and what those letters were. There were also numbers from 1-10 and the balls were double-sided with the numerals and dots the kids could count. Everyone had a lovely time playing outside in the water while they did the alphabet and counted!

Source for photos: Carrie's Creative Learning of Plainfield

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Alphabet and Number Sensory Play With Water Tables
October 17, 2021
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