Learning About Andy Warhol With a Repetition Art Activity

Andy Warhol Art Activity

At Thales Academy Holly Springs in Holly Springs, North Carolina, they did a fun art activity!

The 3rd-grade students learned about Pop Art and seminal artist Andy Warhol. One thing Warhol was famous for was using repetition in his artwork, such as in illustrated pieces of the Campbell Soup can or Marilyn Monroe.

Repetition Art Activity

To make their own Pop Art students used four project styles they had done earlier in the school year. They put a repetitive picture of multiple hearts on mounting paper and the hearts utilized watercolor, oil pastel, cut paper, and lastly used line design.

The students modeled these hearts with repetition after Warhol’s own style and did a fantastic job! Your own children can do this too by using different art styles as well as repetition.

Your kids can make hearts or any other shape/design they would like as well!

Thales Academy Holly Springs: https://www.facebook.com/ThalesHollySprings

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