Animal Refuge Visit to School!

Animal Refuge Visit to School!

Animal Refuge Visit to School!

Animal Refuges help all kinds of critters that for one reason or another are unable to take care of themselves. Wildlife centers help these creatures recover and be able to reenter nature when possible (some end up needing to stay in captivity for their own safety). The kids at Aldersgate Preschool were visited by Fontenelle Forest, one of these refuges, and loved seeing the animals!

Learning all about animals

The kiddos had a great time learning about the different animals. There were birds, snakes, and other cool critters! the children were allowed to touch some animals, such as the snake. They remarked how even if it looked slimy, it was actually smooth and not sticky or wet at all. The children asked all kinds of questions and greatly enjoyed seeing the animals up-close and personal!

Source for photos: Aldersgate Preschool

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Animal Refuge Visit to School!
January 28, 2022
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