Animal Rescuers

shofyana ulfa
Animal Rescuers

1. The children do role play as they taking care of the animals. They pretend to check, cure and give some medicine to the animals. it followed by play pretend, one become the veterinarian and the other become the visitor to check their pets. This activity aims to build their cooperation, imagination and take parts in role play.

The teacher also give some story about animal.

2. The children sort the animals into the correct habitat. We use plastic animals and making the simple animals habitat using tray, fabric, grass etc. They do the race by picking the animal one by one and put it into the correct habitat in the allotted time.

This activity aims to improve children's math skill in sorting and counting.

3. Children make animal mask by coloring the picture of animal mask. Afterwards, they do the role play by imitating the movement, the sound of those animal. The other friends should guess what animal that they showed.

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Animal Rescuers
March 24, 2021
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