Animal Tracks Printable Activity for Kids

Animal Tracks Printable Activity for Kids

Animal Tracks Printable Activity for Kids

This Printable activity is great for kids to learn about matching and reading.

It features an assortment of animals that can be printed out on their own individual squares and sheets of tracks that go with them can also be printed and then placed in the corner of each square with the animal they match.

Students don't have to automatically know what track goes with what animal as that would be very tricky! Instead, each track also has written-down what animal it goes with. That way students can match the word to the appropriate animal, further developing their reading and matching skills.

Animal Tracks Sheets

3 sheets / 8 animals

The animals pictured in this activity are (in alphabetical order): Bear, Fox, Deer, Hedgehog, Moose, Mouse, Rabbit, Raccoon.

They each have a track that matches with them that students read and then place in the appropriate spot. Everything can be laminated too so that you can have students play this activity multiple times!

How to Download the Files

The file package can be downloaded completely for free. Click here to learn more about how to download it.

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Animal Tracks Printable Activity for Kids
January 11, 2020
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