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Animals love mud and love baths!

Kelly Burris
Animals love mud and love baths!

For our Farm theme week, on one table we do a sensory play of animals playing in the “mud” and then giving them a bath. We started with a tablecloth to not mess up our tables. Our mud was made with cornstarch and cocoa powder mixed together (no exact amount) and then added water until we got to our desired mud consistency. We used plastic farm animal toys in the mud. For our washing up buckets we had plain water in the big outer bucket and the smaller bucket inside had dishwashing soap and water. Keep plenty of towels handy to catch water. We did this with 4yr olds in groups of 4-5, but it could also be done easily in smaller groups with younger children. After the fact I started thinking that we could have added laminated letters and had them match the animal to the letter it starts with or pictures of the animals.

Animals love mud and love baths!
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Animals love mud and love baths!
October 8, 2023
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