Antarctica-Themed Classroom Ideas!

Antarctica-Themed Classroom Ideas!

Antarctica-Themed Classroom Ideas!

Antarctica is a fascinating place! It is at the bottom of the Earth and very, very cold. At Little Blossoms Day Care Nursery Ltd, they learned all about Antarctica and redesigned the classroom to look like the kids were there--without the freezing temperatures!

Igloo and Ice Blocks

There was a little pop-up tent that looked just like an igloo and some, "Ice," blocks near it.


There was a pretend fireplace to imagine getting warm by!

Penguins and a diorama

There was a penguin poster and a diorama of Antarctica!

Polar Express

The little setup of the Polar Express was fun to see.

Construction paper mittens

There were some construction-paper mittens that looked fun!

Jack Frost craft

The kiddos made their own version of the famous Jack Frost with crepe paper. He would be quite at home in Antarctica!

Source for photos: Little Blossoms Day Care Nursery Ltd

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Antarctica-Themed Classroom Ideas!
January 29, 2021
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