Antonym-Focused Flashcards for Preschoolers

Antonym-Focused Flashcards for Preschoolers

Antonym Flashcards Preschool

These flashcards are all focused on antonyms. An antonym is what you call a word that is the opposite of another card.

For example, waking-up and falling-asleep are antonyms because they are opposites of each other.

There are 14 flashcards total over 7 sheets and they all have a pair of antonyms upon each flashcard. After teaching your child about what antonyms are these flashcards are a fantastic way to help them be sure they understand how antonyms work. After doing the flashcards you can ask them to think up their own antonyms too!

Antonym Flashcard Printables

Below are the printables for the antonyms. These printable flashcards can be used to teach your preschooler all about antonyms. If you want, feel free to laminate them so that they can be used multiple times with many children!

The flashcards have the following antonyms:

  • Inside/Outside
  • Up/Down
  • Above/Under
  • Front/Back
  • One/Many
  • Wide/Narrow
  • Soft/Solid
  • Cold/Hot
  • Light/Heavy
  • Fat/Slim
  • Slow/Fast
  • Far/Close
  • Wet/Dry
  • Old/Young

How to Download the Printables

The package with all files can be downloaded completely for free. Just click here to learn more about how to download it at no cost to you!

Also, if you want to purchase the sheets you can do so by going to this website

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Antonym-Focused Flashcards for Preschoolers
May 3, 2020
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