Apple Orchard Activity For Preschool

“We enjoyed playing in the CTR Apple Orchard this week.”

One thing often associated with the Fall is apple picking at Christ the Rock Preschool, Illinois they did their own apple orchard activity where they pretended to pull apples off of the trees into their shopping carts and sort them by color! They had their own scale to weigh the apples and learned about various types of apples such as Gala, Rome, Mcintosh, Jonathon, Honeycrisp, and Jonagold.

You can do your own fun version of this apple orchard too without having to make it this complex if you lack the time or supplies, here is how to do your own scaled-back version!


Make Your Own Mini-Orchard

To make your own mini-orchard students can enjoy sorting you just need to have three big bowls of red plastic balls (like you would find in a ball-pit) green balls, and yellow balls. Then give each student their own little basket/bowl/cart and have them practice picking-out the right number of apples by making requests such as, “Please pick two red apples, one green apple, and one yellow apple.” Students will have a great time playing at the mini-orchard and you can discuss types of apples as well!

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