Apple Tree Counting Game

Apple Tree Counting Game

One big element of basic counting is being able to count-up to 10. This game is perfect for that and helps with the practice of one-too-one correspondence as well.

This apple tree counting games involves students counting-out and placing the correct number of, “Apples,” on each tree found upon a printable mat. It was very popular with the students at Looking Glass Learning Center in Kent, Ohio, and you can introduce it to your class as well!

Looking Glass Learning Center

Apple Tree Printable Mats

How to Do the Apple Tree Counting Game

First, as can be seen below there are number of apple tree printables that can be used as mats for the game. The trees have a number upon the trunk as well as a matching number of circles that show where to put the needed number of apples. These trees range in number from 1 to 10 and there is a blank tree as well you can use as a template should you want to create more challenging mats with higher-numbers of apples requested.

These ten printable mats having the number as well as the corresponding dots however provides extra support to students in being successful in counting out the correct number of apples.

Once you have printed out the trees they can be laid down in front of students and then those students can be given, “Apples,” to place upon the tree. These apples can be symbolized by buttons (red, green, or yellow look a little like apples) paper dots, coins, or anything circular that will cover the circles on the apple tree mats. Make sure to assist students with counting-out their apples as they put them on the tree and discuss how the number of apples put upon the tree correspond with the number upon the trunk.

Apple Tree Printable Mats

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