Apple Tree Fingerpainting Craft

Apple Tree Fingerpainting Craft

Apple Tree Fingerpainting Craft

At DearOnes Daycare & Preschool they worked on their fine motor skills by doing a fun fingerprinting craft! With the help of an adult, some little ones sat in their highchairs and made little red apples on a tree by pressing their paint-covered fingers onto the print-out with an image of a tree!

How the apple tree fingerprinting craft was done

The craft was set-up by taking a piece of paper and gluing some brown construction paper cut-up to resemble a tree onto it. Then, the kids would get a little bit of red paint put on their fingers and with the help of an adult they pressed their fingers onto the tree so that a little red dot (the apple) would be left behind. It was a fantastic way to build up fine motor skills and gave the kids a beautiful piece of art to show-off at the end of the craft!

Source for photos: DearOnes Daycare & Preschool

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Apple Tree Fingerpainting Craft
October 18, 2020
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