Apples! A Comparison Taste Test

Apples! After reading about Johnny Appleseed we compared 4 different kind of apples – Fugi, Gala, Jonathan and Granny Smith.

We talked about what they looked like on the outside and took a close look at the seeds inside. As we tasted each one the children had great words to describe them – “good”, “yummy” “crunchy”, “juicy” “sweet” and “sour.”

Then each child placed an apple on the chart next to the kind they liked best. Looks like Fugi won!

Later we read ‘Snow White’ and made magic apples. Our apples, however could only do good things. The responses varied from turning someone into a princess, fairy, cow or unicorn. My favorite one though was ” It’s a fake apple. Mom won’t turn into anything.”


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Apples! We compared 4 different kind of apples

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