Articulated doll

Elenice E V Silva
Articulated doll

Articulated doll

Articulated doll to help body development through play. Age range from 2 years to 200 years.

With this doll, the child begins to identify and name the parts of his own body, as well as perceive the limits of movement of each part of the body.

It can also be used with elderly people undergoing physiotherapy treatment or just as a toy for the child to have fun, without the intervention of an adult.

* In games like musical chairs, the cards that accompany the doll are spread out, one on each chair. When the music stops, the person who stops in front of the chair will take the card and act out the movement of the card with their own body.

* Another way of using it is for a child to place the doll in a certain position chosen by him and challenge the other to reproduce the same movement, first with his doll and then with his own body.

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Articulated doll
February 8, 2023
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