Assorted Easy to Prepare Center Ideas

Assorted Easy to Prepare Center Ideas

Assorted Easy to Prepare Center Ideas

At Forrest Park/Greenville Pre-K, they had a lot of fun doing centers that were easy to prepare and exciting for the kiddos!

Stringing necklaces

One center had toy gears the kids loved stringing through to make necklaces!

Grocery dramatic play

A corner had toy grocery items the children could pretend to, "Shop," for and stack into their shopping basket.

Music center

A music center was set up with toy xylophones and drums the students could play.

Dinosaur toys

There was a center full of Dinosaur toys the children could play with.

Creative painting

One spot had an easel and paints so the children could make a beautiful creation of their own choosing.

Blocks corner

A corner was in place with blocks everyone could play with. All these centers were fun and very easy to do for the kids.

Source for photos: Forrest Park/Greenville Pre-K

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Assorted Easy to Prepare Center Ideas
September 15, 2021
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