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Autumn Colors in Nature

Autumn Colors in Nature

Autumn Colors in Nature

On one of the beautiful autumn days, I went out with the preschoolers in the kindergarten yard to observe the changes that take place in this season (the leaves change color - they become red, yellow, brown, orange and then fall, the grass dries, it rains, it is fog, the days are shorter and the nights longer, it's cold, people gather vegetables and fruits from the gardens and orchards)

The children stuck the leaves collected from the park on a white sheet when we noticed the changes in nature during the autumn season.

Solid glue was applied to the side where the ribs were more prominent.

The children really liked working with the leaves they picked. The works were kept at the science center to be observed in the following days. The autumn colors are wonderful and give us a good mood.

Autumn is our favorite season. We love autumn with everything it offers us!

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Autumn Colors in Nature
January 19, 2023
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