Autumn Fruits and Vegetables

Joyce M
Autumn Fruits and Vegetables

For the entire month of October, we have been talking all about Autumn.

This time we will talk about fruits and vegetables that can be frequently found and are abundant every Autumn season. At first, all I could think was just giving my students pictures of the different fruits and vegetables. However, I realized that I can do more with them and the best way to teach ages 1 and 2 years old is to associate all of their five senses in the class. Thus, I realized I have to had real objects, (real fruits and vegetables). I bought some and I went to school excited thinking how they will respond to my lesson.

It was indeed a good idea, and I can do a lot of varieties of activities during our circle time. Some of those are the following:

1. Associate the printed pictures to the real objects brought. You can do matching type activity.

2. You can let them guess what fruit you've got in your hands. The guessing game.

3. You can let them eat the fruits after you finish all of your objectives.

These is how it looks like in my class:

Autumn Fruits and Vegetables

They love it very much!

Thank you for reading! Stay tuned for more classroom tips!

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Autumn Fruits and Vegetables
November 20, 2021
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