Autumn tree art activity for preschool

Aneta J
Autumn tree art activity for preschool

This is an easy activity for small kids in preschool.

You will need:

-papers of different colours



-crayons in case you will want to draw the trunk or something more to match the tree (like sun or clouds)

1. Draw the trunk of a tree or use stencil (older kids can draw by themselves). 2. Take different types of paper (colours, textures) and cut them to small pieces. Children will train how to cut paper, use scissors, you can talk about colours and what happen during fall with leaves.

3. Then you use glue and let kids stick those pieces on the trunk. Change the colours while putting them on the tree.

Autumn tree art activity for preschool
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Autumn tree art activity for preschool
July 24, 2023
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