Autumn Worksheets for the Classroom or at Home

Autumn Worksheets for the Classroom or at Home

Autumn Worksheets for the Classroom or at Home

These original and unusual worksheets are perfect to use with preschool children! Done by a professional children's illustrator these are fantastic to use in the classroom or home education, and are stellar for this Fall!

Autumn Free Printable Worksheets

All free fall-themed printables can be viewed here -

To access these, go to the Autumn-themed section where we have a lot of beautiful pictures for printing.

Autumn coloring with squirrels and acorns

Find, count, and color all the acorns and all the squirrels.

This task teaches how to recognize an object via its shape and find the right one. The picture shows five acorns and six squirrels. As an extra task, you can ask if all the squirrels got acorns.

Fall season pictures worksheet

Find all the pictures that are accurate for the autumn season and color the circles next to them.

This helps children to note what kinds of elements make-up the Fall season (such as leaves). They identify these aspects for this worksheet!

Fall weather worksheet

Find two identical clouds, two identical umbrellas, and two identical birds within the pictures.

This worksheet is designed to assist children in identifying things that are identical among alike objects.

Kitten maze worksheet

Help the kitten get to his house without getting his paws wet.

In order to do this worksheet, children do a maze and use their problem-solving skills.

Autumn shape worksheet

Cut the geometric shapes at the bottom of the worksheet and glue them into the appropriate spaces on the fruit trees.

The purpose of this worksheet is to make sure children understand how to read the name of a shape and then identify and it place it where it goes.

There are five worksheets total in this set, you can enjoy them all!

How to download pictures

You can download all of these worksheets for free by joining our site and publishing a post about your own interesting lessons. You can read more about how to get the worksheets for free here.

Also, you can purchase the sheets at this website.

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Autumn Worksheets for the Classroom or at Home
October 19, 2020
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