Baking Soda Four Leaf Clover Science Activity For Preschoolers

At Parsons Family Child Care in Lake Elsinore, California they did an exciting science activity! The children created a bubbly reaction by combinging baking soda, vinegar, and green food coloring to go with a Saint Patrick’s Day theme.

It allowed them to see what happens when you mix a liquid such as vinegar with baking soda (it causes a big reaction) and also allowed the students to practice their fine motor skills.

Adding Green for Saint Patrick’s Day

The addition of green and using a four leaf clover mold was a great idea for color as well as shape recognition too. Everyone shouted, “Wow,” when they saw the reaction and had a lot of fun exploring as they turned the baking soda green with dabbers and then added the vinegar for a big bubbly explosion! It is always great to keep little hands busy and learning.

Parsons Family Child Care
Lake Elsinore, CA, United States

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