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Balancing Stick

Balancing Stick

Balancing Stick

Our school has this exploration time every Fridays where the children will experiment and explore things that are new to them.

With this activity, I made an introduction about gravity with the game of Balloon Floating where the children need to push the balloon up and not let it drop on the floor. Followed by an explanation on how it pulls things to the ground and the reason why things keep on dropping on the floor or why we even stand on the ground. Then, I let them explore putting just a plain stick on another stick and observe that it keeps on falling.


1. Centre the fuzzy wire neat one end of the small craft stick.

2. Wrap the fuzzy wire tightly around the stick twice on each side.

3. Clip the clothespins on the two end of the fuzzy wire.

4. Carefully balance the end of the stick on the big popsicle stick.(Adjust the fuzzy wire position on both sides to achieve balance.)

My kids loved this exploration activity. They were amazed on how they can balance the small stick on the bigger stick.

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Balancing Stick
September 18, 2022
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