Battery vs. Electricity

dora yu
Battery vs. Electricity

This is the lessons that I planned for my six years old students. First I take out a battery and a plug, asked if they know any difference. Then I ask them to go around the house and found something that is battery operated or needs to plug in. I then use the electrical appliance classification cards, teach them the name of the appliances, then invite them to walk through the house to see if they can find the same as shown in the classification card. The next step is to ask them to look for some toys that use battery, some brings me a talking Elmo, some take out a calculator, a remote control car etc. then I explain to them what is the difference between the two. And then I introduce the concept of recycle for the battery. Then I show them this worksheets, cut it out and ask them to sort out electricity and battery. It was a very fun lesson, they both enjoy it so much, they all said can teacher their parents now!

Battery vs. Electricity
February 14, 2021
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