Bear Emotions Activity for Preschoolers

Emotions can be a hard thing for children to understand. We get these big and overwhelming feelings that are difficult for little ones to put into words. This activity was designed with that challenged in mind, assisting preschoolers in understanding and expressing emotions via a fun activity with an emoting cartoon bear.

Students match the bear’s face to the correct outline that describes a different emotion. The emotions discussed are being happy, sad, sleepy, angry, embarrassed, and in love.

Each of these sheets can be laminated to make them easy to use multiple times, with the emotion-circles cut-out and then placed over the sheet with all the emotions outlined.

By doing this activity preschool students can have help putting the right words to the emotions they may feel at times. This will assist them in being clear if they feel, “Mad,” as opposed to, “Sleepy,” and have the right word for joyous times such as when they are, “Happy,” or feel, “In Love.”.

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