Bear Hunt Theme Sing Along

katherine hyde
Bear Hunt Theme Sing Along

Going On a Bear Hunt

Take your class on a bear hunt through the woods and through the water as they travel to find the bear that obviously they would never be scared of.

Propositions abound as they maneuver their way all the way to the cave where the bear is sleeping and hoping to go on a people hunt.

Talk about hibernation

Talk about habitats

Talk about what makes a bear a bear





Use all your senses as you explore the world of the big bear that is waiting for you.

bear hunt

This is not my video and is the property of the original composer/producer. I do not own the rights to the song and/or video. Please note that this plan is used in support of intentional teaching and visual supports while working with a variety of young students both typically developing and those with exceptional needs.

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Bear Hunt Theme Sing Along
July 26, 2021
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