Bear and Hibernation-Related Activities for Preschool Students

These crafts and activities all relate to bears as well as hibernation (something bears do)!

This preschool class had a great time learning about what hibernation is (a sort of deep-sleep some animals do) and how bears hibernate. Then they did some crafts and practiced, “Hibernating,” themselves!

Crafts and Some Hibernation!

Students had a fun time helping make a, “Cave,” out of construction paper and then filling-it with stuffed bears and pillows so that once they were tired they could pretend to hibernate by taking their own quiet little nap! The preschoolers also loved decorating their own brown bear and then pasting it onto a piece of paper where they had painted a beautiful woodland scene full of leaves. Another activity everyone did was using stripes of construction paper on a cut-out of a bear to create a nice and colorful sweater for the bear so it could stay warm when it hibernated!

The preschool students had a lot of fun learning about hibernation and then doing crafts related to it and bears. After they were done they also had a nice cave they could, “Hibernate,” in until they felt rested enough to do more fun activities!

Church Street Child Care
Deep River, Connecticut

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Author: .Olivia Johnson

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