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Being a teacher is awesome

Mariela Mata
Being a teacher is awesome

I love being a teacher. I teach in a school with low resources and the kids are really poor, no one the less I love the way that the kids with what we have create a world of learning and love for each other.

Also the kids are really gratefull, and love coming to school, even on rainy days. They appreciatte every gesture I have with them and love to learn beacuse they know thats gonna help them with leaving poverty and have a better life.

I live in Costa Rica, and work in a public school, it is a very very small town. The families work on farms, most of them of pigs and chickens. They also make sugar from the cane sugar plant.

They make sweets and brown sugar to sell.

They live with very little, some of them dont have both their parents, and have only their moms or even not that. But I assure you, they love their lifes in school, they eat in the cafeteria gladly cause sometimes is the food theyre going to eat all day.

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Being a teacher is awesome
November 8, 2022
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