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Big Bouncy Balloons

Diane K Atkins
Big Bouncy Balloons


Let them play with Big Balloons for "B" Week!

Blow up the balloons and tie a rubber band around the knot. It is easier for them to hold on to. They can also use sharpies to add their own design.

See how many B words you can use with the balloons. (Bounce, bang, bump, etc)

Games you can use the balloons:

Tag: The child that is "it" has to use the balloon to tag the other children.

Duck, Duck, Goose - use the balloon to tap each child's head.

Races: Have the children run with the balloon in between their legs.

Have two children hold the balloon (each with one hand/arm) work together to get to the end of race.

Big Bouncy Balloons
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Big Bouncy Balloons
October 4, 2023
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